About this event

We would like to welcome you to the ASSIST end of programme event, Future farming: bringing together the best of nature-based and agri-tech solutions, which will be taking place at the Rothamsted Conference Centre on 30th March 2022, subject to Covid-19 restrictions. 

The ASSIST Achieving Sustainable Agriculural Systems programme is a joint initiative funded by NERC/UKRI and BBSRC and delivered by The UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology in partnership with Rothamsted Research and British Geological Survey. 

This event will bring together the key outputs of the programme over the last 5 years, with a focus on the following themes:

  • Understanding the crop yield gap 
  • Managing the impacts of farming on the environment 
  • Nature based solutions in arable farming systems 
  • Multi-functional grassland systems
  • Designing future farmed landscapes
  • Data and tools

If you have any questions, including COVID safety, please contact us at ASSIST@ceh.ac.uk.


Event Programme



To view the recordings, please click on the Session or Talk titles. Please be aware that many of the presentations contain preliminary results that are not yet published.

Welcome and opening remarks

  • Speaker: Angela Karp (Centre Director, Rothamsted Research)


SESSION 1: Improving the efficiency and resilience of food production

Kick off group meeting at Hillesden

[Slides available PDF icon here]


SESSION 2: Managing the impacts of farming on the environment

[Slides available PDF icon here]


SESSION 3: Integrating nature-based and agri-tech solutions on the ASSIST commercial farm network

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SESSION 4: Discussion session


SESSION 5: How has ASSIST helped me? A Farmer perspective

[Slides available PDF icon here]

East Hendred Skyline


SESSION 6: Designing future farmed landscapes

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SESSION 7: ASSIST impacts and what’s next

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SESSION 8: Discussion session

In field strip


Closing remarks from the Centre Directors

  • Speakers: Karen Hanghøj (Centre Director, British Geological Survey) and Mark Bailey (Centre Director, UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology)