ASSIST Environmental Planner 

E-Planner is a free, web-based tool to help farmers to identify the most suitable places for different environmental management options via easy to use, interactive maps.

E-Planner uses environmental datasets to produce maps of the relative suitability of land for a range of different environmental outcomes. These include:

  • Water resource protection
  • Woodland creation
  • Sown winter bird food
  • Flower-rich pollinator habitats
  • Wet grassland restoration New for 2021

Suitability is based on combining data on factors such as topography, soils, nearby habitats, landscape features etc. Suitability is then presented as easy-to-explore ‘heat maps’ for a chosen farm. The maps make it simple to compare the most suitable option for a given area of land or to find the most suitable location for a given option.

E-Planner supports farmer decisions by presenting complex environmental data in an easy to interpret way, to supplement their local knowledge. E-Planner also provides links to best practice guidance on how to implement and manage options. 

Follow this link to get started, or watch our short video: