Hydrological Outlook UK Current Conditions

CEH, in collaboration with the Met Office and the Hydrological Outlook Partnership, produces the Hydrological Outlook every month, which is publicly available online, free of charge.

The Outlook provides an insight into current and near-future hydrological conditions across the UK, describing the likely trajectories for river flows and groundwater levels, with particular focus on the next three months.

Mapped products include:

  • Current Relative Wetness and Relative Dryness maps
  • During a drought: an estimate of the additional rainfall required to overcome dry conditions, and how likely it is that this amount of rainfall will occur over the coming months

We are looking at ways of developing these Hydrological Outlook maps further for the agricultural community and we are interested in your feedback. Find the latest maps at the link below and send your questions and comments to the team at ASSIST@ceh.ac.uk