The ASSIST Data Catalogue, hosted by the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH), comprises records which display basic metadata describing datasets, models or data papers generated by or acquired for use by the ASSIST programme.

The purpose of the Catalogue is to showcase the breadth of ASSIST datasets to the wider research community and stakeholders. The catalogue is open to the public with many datasets being freely available via the Environmental Information Data Centre (EIDC), also hosted by UKCEH.

The following types of record are available in the Catalogue:

  • ‘Dataset’ – a new dataset generated in the ASSIST programme (including those derived from existing data), these datasets are in progress and the estimated release date is stated on the record;
  • ‘Linked Dataset’ – a completed dataset, generated by the ASSIST programme, held and published by the EIDC (these records are not created in this catalogue but are linked from, and the content managed by, the EIDC who are responsible for the dataset);
  • ‘Model’ - a new model being generated in the ASSIST programme (including those derived from existing models); and
  • ‘Data Paper’ - a data journal publication covering new dataset(s) being generated in the ASSIST programme.

Records are classified under the following research areas:

  • Limitations on crop productivity;
  • Managing the impacts of farming on the environment;
  • Sustainable and resilient arable farming systems;
  • Multi-functional grassland systems; and
  • Designing future farmed landscapes.

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